Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Think Happy Thoughts

Kupo, my ridiculously gorgeous black cat, has gone missing. I spend ONE night away from home, and she jets. Sheesh. She's got pretty high standards, I guess, if she can't spend one night away from her bed partner. Pictures of her stretched out to her full length on the carpet, pulling herself along by her nails, keep running through my head-- or her splayed on her back, legs wide open, front paws in that unbelievably cute cat begging pose. Other awful images involving coyotes and dehydration vie for attention in my mind. Send all your happy cat thoughts my way. I'm sure she's just out getting acquainted with the other cats. "She's gone visiting," as my great aunt Anna Mary said, and I'm sure she'll trot back soon.


northwestportlander said...

You have every happy thought I have to give.

Jeimeken said...

Cats don't easily get dehydrated, so don't worry too much about that. She's also very hard to see in the dark, so those coyotes have much less of a chance. Odds are in your favor.

Clifton said...

She HAS taken benders before, but of course, my heart is in my throat until such time as she's home safely. Bloody hell, I named that cat. I love her and feel good about her coming back.