Monday, August 13, 2007

Fa molto tempo

Hello Blog Buddies. It's been a while. When you have such a tight schedule, what with working two hours a day, four days a week, it's hard to fit in your blogging time. Updates:

Jamie and I went to Tahoe a while ago to kayak. I'll remember the clear aqua water, the sun, our private little lagoon with fool's gold in the sand. We spent about ten minutes just taking giant steps in the water, watching the golden spirals rise like nuclear clouds in the water.

But most of all, I'll remember parking. We chose the King's Beach launch, where it's $10 to park. I have $3. She has $4. Uh oh. Can we park elsewhere? Not unless we want to lug the 'yaks blocks. So, time to check the pockets, wallets, and car seats for change. We find $2.53. The elementary teacher figures out that we're at $9.53. The fact that we're stuffing pennies in there at this point should bring some pity from the parking guy. For good measure, we stuff in a 20% off coupon from Mervyn's and a packet of EmergenC. Parking guy: Another envelope with $10. And another. Oh, $10. Surprise. My life is meaningless. Another... wait. EmergenC? 20%? :)

Second, I've started ballroom dancing. For the last two Saturdays, I've been going to Never Enough Ballroom for an hour lesson followed by a two hour dance party. Last Saturday, I walked into the foyer, swishing my black poofy show choir skirt, and I saw.... (audible heart beat) PAUL BENTHIN.

Let me explain. Paul and I danced one slow song at every dance throughout middle school and high school. We held each other close, breathed into each other, obviously wanted each other, but never talked. He made me shy. That alone should tell you how much I liked him. So, there he is. Without thinking about the gorgeous girl next to him, I speed walk over, throw my hands around his neck, and cry out his name. Next, I say, "Do you remember me?"
"Of course," he responds, "I remember your last words."
"On the last day of high school. You told me, 'I'm going to Portland. Look me up.'"

Sigh. Melt. Paul Benthin. The gorgeous girl is his sister. Sigh of relief. Those of you who were around during freshman year, this is akin to the way I used Jonas Lehrman's name as a substitute for "Jesus Christ." I've got it bad. Paul's a freelance architect living in Santa Barbara. I may have to add southern Cali to my travel plans.

So, combine these experiences with much reading, writing, chilling, and yoga, and Life is Good. Worthy of superfluous capitalization, even.

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