Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rebel without a Drink

I'm laying off the booze for a year. That's right. I'll avoid bars at first, but my hope is to eventually be able to interact normally in social situations sans alcohol. I'll add it back in after a year, perhaps. Or maybe I'll learn that I don't really need it. In any case, I'll learn a heck of a lot about self control. And while I'm at it, why not write a book? A 25-year old learns how to live on the wagon... and dissects her generation's dreams, strengths and weaknesses in the process. We'll call it My Substance Free Year.

In related news (related in my strange ADDish mind, anyway), I'm considering becoming a yoga instructor. Do any of you have good resources on this? Personal connections?



Jeimeken said...

Dude 11:15pm... wtf?! We missed you here. Ben stayed until dawn! What a party animal!

Kirsten said...

There's a yoga teacher training program at Yoga Shala near Congress House. Seems like something you could study in a more interesting place, though, like India. Cool idea! I would find a teacher you really like and find out how they got started.

BlueFrog said...

I have since spoken to the Tibetan Heart Yoga and the Kundalini Yoga Instructors at Tahoe Yoga and Wellness downtown. There is a Tibetan Heart training center in Tuscon and a Kundalini instructor in Portland. I'll keep you updated.

My arms are getting hot. Many parts of me were hot already, but this is new hotness territory. Yoga rocks my world.