Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007 #1

Happy Halloween to all Ghouls and Boys. I enjoyed myself thoroughly this year. As a teacher at Sylvan learning center, I had every excuse to dress up for five days. I also wore my Queen Elizabeth costume to the dance. Literally. I dance every Saturday at Never Enough Ballroom in Reno, and I wore the royal regalia there. It brought in quite a few waltzes. It was super fun to East Coast Swing in.

My first costume was Cowgirl-a-licious. My dad's Bolo, Hat, and Belt Buckle complimented my own rose western shirt, and dress slacks. My mom let me borrow her cowgirl boots, which she usually uses for weed-whacking. I felt so sexy in my ten gallon hat, struttin' around Reno. I almost went off to find Hoss. The kids loved this outfit, too.

More pics will come later, as I scan them in. :) Please show me yours, too!

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