Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today was my first day of community service for the DUI. Eight hours down, eighty-eight more to go. I worked all day at the Black Hills Humane Society here in Rapid City. I can work anywhere, but I love animals, and I figured I can travel and still punch in at the Humane Society, since it's national.

I am impressed with the variety of tasks I had the pleasure to do. I cleaned the kitty cages in the spay and neuter room, assissted with intakes, washed dishes, stapled cardboard boxes for litter pans, and brushed about twenty cats. I wish I could walk dogs and help with evaluations, but apparently only inmates and volunteers get to do these things, and only when they've been through the forty-hour training. Still, I'm very pleased that I wasn't cleaning litter boxes all day.

I enjoyed brushing the kitties the best. I started grooming in Kitty City, where the cats up for adoption lounge. There were nine adult cats and one black and white kitten. That kitten took on the big mommas about every minute and a half. Most of the cats liked to be brushed-- they would flop right down in my lap and start purring up a storm. Next, I went back to the spay and neuter room, since I have a feeling that those cats don't get enough lovin'. There were five orange stripey kittens, brothers and sisters, in ONE cage. They were so meowey. They liked to line up all in a row and stare. When they nap, they form a pyramid. Next door, there was a fluffy grey and white striped kitten. What a furball. On the other side was the true gentleman of the bunch-- a pure white kitten that I named Robert Frost.

I also loved working with the dogs. I can't wait to get a cockapoo of my own. They have some amazing dogs there. One, a terrier, could do ten tricks, including the high-five, roll-over, speak, shake, dance, and the old favorite, sit. Another, which the dog master renamed Houdini, broke out of his cage. This is especially cool considering that many of the volunteers have difficulty opening the cages' double-latch doors. So, they moved him to another cage and installed a padlock. Nope, you can't hold back Houdini. The dog actually dissassembled the door with his teeth. Wow.

It felt good to work for a whole day. At this rate (16 hours a week), I'll be done in January. Maybe then I can think about doing the training, so that I can walk the dogs. I mean, I can already do it with a yo-yo, but I like things that breathe too.

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