Friday, January 25, 2008

Chicken Little Society, or The Monte Carlo Is Burning! The Sky Is Falling!

I can't get away from this negativity about the economy. And I don't need this right now. I shared with my parents last night that I STILL don't have a job, even thought I've been in Portland for a couple of weeks. I'm not used to this kind of difficulty finding ANY sort of job. I've got skills. Mad skillz. Yet the cool jobs just keep getting snatched up. So, Mom and Dad were saying things like, "Use positive thinking. Just keep telling yourself you have the perfect job. The universe will bring it to you." (My parents are getting more and more Louise Hays-ish every day. I love it!)

Well, Moms and Pops, I would, but may I whine for just a moment about how everyone around me keeps dwelling in the apparently unavoidable recession? People will lose their houses! And their jobs! Gasp! And the president had better give us some money! Because our generation has never had to deal with actual national difficulties. We haven't had a depression, or a war that required everyday people to sacrifice.

How much of this is based on actual economics? Moreover, how much of actual economics is just based on what the masses think? If people started thinking positively and being optimistic, would the markets shoot up? Or is our system more concrete?

I'm not sure, but today's story about the Monte Carlo in Vegas stopped me in my jobless-padding-around-the-house tracks. After reading this article, I saw a connection between the universal economy anxiety and the fire. People on the strip were stopping in their cars, blocking traffic, just to watch the flames. And CNN actually labeled their streaming video "Watch the fire burn." That line should be followed by a pyromaniac Beavis and Butthead laugh, methinks. Instead of freaking out about the unexpected in life, let's be informed. Be an agent of change, not a rubbernecker.

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BlueFrog said...

Later that night, I learned that the entire Monte Carlo was evacuated due to the fire. Gamblers in the casino refused to leave at first, but eventually left, grumbling. They'd rather burn than take their hands off the one-handed bandits, apparently. So, to add to my society-wide metaphor from earlier, some people are completely out of it, isolated by their own addictions.