Saturday, January 5, 2008

SNOW, doggone it

I am angry right now. Angry at the weather. That's the best entity to direct anger at-- I mean, it's not like the sky will remember tomorrow. On the other hand, it sucks from my perspective, since being angry isn't going to change anything (as usual).

I'm angry because it's been snowing ALL DAY. Last night it dumped a foot and a half. Now, normally, I wouldn't be angry-- I'd be pleased, cozy with three lap blankets, a fire, and my knitting. Today is different. Tonight I was supposed to go ballroom dancing-- for the last time in Reno. Grr. If the roads stay nasty-icy, I won't get to see Dan and Veto. I won't get to hustle with Veto, and two-step with Dan. I won't be able to go to Ceol's after, and then Grand Sierra after that.

I guess nature is telling me to be flexible. But I don't want to be flexible, damnit. I want to dance. Anyone want to give me a ride?

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