Friday, February 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Pics

Hey, I'm pretty behind on this one, but I went to South Dakota for Thanksgiving. Dad and Mom picked up Grandpa's car from Texas, and then met me in Denver. Next, Dad and I drove to Rapid City. I absolutely love driving long distances with my family. Rereading that sentence, it sounds like it might be sarcastic, but I really mean it. My dad and I passed the time by singing along to musicals, talking about politics, and just gabbing.
As we passed some hideous houses in Colorado, I put on the "Little Boxes" songs that Linsel gave me. They were perfect for the occasion. See here for the lyrics.

So, here's some pics from the drive back to Reno, and pics of family in South Dakota. My grandma is in the kitchen, cleaning after Thanksgiving dinner. Seriously, she never stops cleaning. She's so cute and lovable. My uncle Jim is relaxing after dinner, and Dad is driving home. Have I mentioned that I love desert scenery? It's so bare-bones, like the skeleton of the land.

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