Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Future Full of Ads

For anyone looking for an actual update about my life, wrong posting. Perhaps that sort of thing will come soon.

Here's what I want to rant about instead: advertisements. Selling. Recent postings I've put on the LED blog paint a nasty picture for our future. Subways are already showing 15 second ads floating outside of your window. And now a developer in LA wants to turn entire buildings into commercials, basically. He says he's inspired by Blade Runner.

How far can you get from the point of such a dystopian film? Isn't it obvious that Blade Runner's makers were portraying a scary, lonely, dark future? Why would you want to turn the world into that film?

And yet, that's what this guy's planning to do. Harumph.

I guess the days of having time to stare into space, regain your thoughts, or just plain space out are gone. Now there will be ads to occupy your eyes during all waking hours.

What's next, advertising in dreams?

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Jeimeken said...

somebody told me recently that very few people dream in color, and even less can smell or taste in dreams. Really puts a damper on some of that advertising.