Thursday, February 5, 2009

January '09 Vinyasa Mix

I made this copy for a student who asked about the Elizabeth Mitchel song, which I dare you to listen to without breaking into a grateful smile.

This mix is meant to accompany a power vinyasa class. I was trained through Core Power Yoga, so I find many of my classes are similar to their C1 beginners' flow class. I try to throw in good cues, graceful flows, and opportunities for advanced postures.

I taught with this CD tonight at the I-205 Bally Total Fitness and loved it. "Roam" was a bit of a strange transition, yes, but it was early enough in the class that it didn't feel awkward, and I think it punched up the energy a bit.

Here's the full list:
1) El Condor Pasa (If I Could) by Simon and Garfunkel
2) Roam, The B-52's
3) Don't know title , from a Ninja Productions CD a student gave me
4) Dorm Room Disco Fantasy , Awesome Cool Dude
5) Track 04 , Shiva Rea flow
6) Regiment , Brian Eno & David Byrne
7) I'd Rather Dance With You, Kings of Convenience
8) Zissou Society Blue Star Cadet.... , Mark Mothersbaugh, from the Life Aquatic soundtrack
9) In My Life , The Beatles
10) Love is the End , Keene
11) Sovay , Andrew Bird
12) Little Kids , Kings of Convenience
13) So Glad I'm Here , Elizabeth Mitchell
14) Track 04 , Rakesh Chaurasia & Talvin Singh

Feel free to find & use these songs - even in this order! - but keep in mind that although these songs work for me, they may not fit your class or style. I haven't found too many yoga teachers posting song recs, so I'm starting the trend.

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